Made for GMTK 2020 Game Jam for the theme :"Out Of Control"


This is an arcade survival game in space.

You're the only one able to repair a ship, while your pilot completely crazy, running in the middle of asteroids !

The situation is slowly becoming out of control... How long can you survive ?

You can play with gamepad and/or keyboard.

Local Co-op

It's possible to play local cooperation by using gamepad and keyboard, simultaneously. Be careful, more player = more danger !

Online Co-op

You can play online with your friends by using PARSEC ;)


  • Movement: Arrow keys / WASD or Sticks (Gamepad)
  • Interaction : Space / E or A (Gamepad)

Install instructions

No installation needed ! Just play on this page :))


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how many players can it go up to?

Only two players possible for now ;)